The store is located at 95 Palm Street in Holly Springs, Ga. (that’s the NE corner of Hickory Rd. and Palm St.) Your GPS or Google Map may disagree but, I assure you, I go by the south end of Palm Street everyday and that’s not where the shop is.

I opened the doors in September of 2009 with a few cigars, fewer accessories and no customers (save my good friends Jon and John who helped me build-out the place.) Now, the humidor is full, the accessories are abundant and you, the lounge is frequented by local cigar smokers. The economy has been a challenge for all of us but I think LRCC is going to be around for a while.

The shop is immediately adjacent to the North Georgia Railroad line in beautiful downtown Holly Springs, a fact that affords a daily view of a passing freight train which I personally enjoy. There is plenty of parking both in front and behind the shop as well as at the old train station across the street.

For those who have yet to see the place, come by and take a look. The store is housed in a 100+ year old brick building with squeaky wooden floors and high ceilings. There is a sizable smoking lounge with leather club chairs and big screen TVs. There is always coffee available (on the house) and soft drinks or bottled water are available for a nominal fee. Friendly poker games are known to break out on occasion and darts are a regular pass time as well.

The shop is open 7 days a week and the hours are roughly:

  • Sunday – 12 pm to 6 pm
  • Monday – 10 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesday through Saturday – 10 am to 8 pm

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